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This page on eCommerce Systems covers the following topics:

What is an eCommerce System?

eCommerce, or electronic commerce, involves the computer networking of business transactions typically via the Internet. Online shopping, marketplace, and financial systems are common eCommerce systems in use today.

An eCommerce system may include some of the following:

How will my business benefit from an eCommerce System?

An eCommerce system can become a second income stream for your business. The added customer convenience of being able to shop with your business at any time and from anywhere promotes your business brand, creates customer loyalty, and ultimately generates business revenue.

An eCommerce system doesn't just involve goods based transactions. Service based industries can also greatly benefit from eCommerce through the use of online booking systems. Any service such as doctors, hair dressers, lawyers, trades people, have businesses that revolves around appointments. Businesses that allow their customers to make appointments at any time have a significant edge over their competition.

We build eCommerce Systems

Atom Software has developed numerous eCommerce systems, but an eCommerce system alone is not enough, it also needs:

We can supply everything your eCommerce business needs, along with professional advice and many years of experience. Contact us to talk about your eCommerce business needs and how we can help you achieve your business goals.